OG Ceb: “If you’re not winning TI, you’re a loser”

By | February 25, 2020

Right before the gold standard of The Ceaselessly 2019 True Sight, The Esports Observer sat down with former OG player, Sebastien “Ceb”Debs (https://youtu.be/DNEmp6MB6Cs) in an interview about the future of OG, Dota 2, and Esports as a whole.

In the earlier components of the interview, Ceb discussed his decision to step down as the educate of OG and transition back into a more supportive roof craftsman as a Teach. Closing dates that his competitive force were not the same compared to what he had during their historical TI run.

During their run, Ceb shared how OG came up with their own system for gambling and how it would also work with OG’s future roster. By returning as Educate, Ceb thinks that his first-hand experience in this system could be really helpful in molding their future avid gamers onto TI 10.

With Ana extending his break and Jerax retiring, Ceb wishes cited that OG’s new generation can win TI 10. Before this decision, Ceb discussed that one of OG’s core values is striving for excellence and upon individual reflection, each Jerax and Ana expressed that they can’t give their 100% this season, consequently the retirement and multiplied break.

“I would rather have avid gamers who have adulthood to put some distance to where they are competitively than avid gamers who blindly run” Ceb additional on how they were fine with Jerax and Ana’s decisions.

Ceb is also excited about how the 2020 season will look for the new dota roster as well as the debut of their CS:GO team. He then discussed about how DotA is alternative from other esports as the community sees the Aegis from The Ceaselessly as the success for an organization. Because of this, orgs and gamers fight even though they win tournaments pre-TI as TI’s old prize pool keeping apart up the go back of investment for an org.

”There’s this thing with Dota, where the season is built in a way that it feels like if you’re not triumphing TI, you’re a loser. That’s what it feels like.

There is a lot of things that make it so. It is Dota Heritage, at the beginning of the competitive scene, it was really a case of successful TI or just dying. You couldn’t stay as a competitor if you weren’t doing well at TI. This kind of built into mindsets and mentalities where people…I don’t want to say they only recognize TI wins, but there’s that sense in Dota. There are the teams that won TI, and the other teams that are trying to win TI. There’s no middle ground.

Subsequently it will become a very grueling thing. You’re a loser 99% of the time, except when you win TI. Then you turn out to be relevant.”

Ceb then elaborated how his decision on stepping down can assist him awareness on making OG a highly-competitive organization across games. He then differentiated Esports from traditional physical activities and how he wanted OG to be a roof craftsman model as the Gamers� individualities are ordinary and everyday by fans.

If orgs like OG connect more with the Fanatics, Ceb believes that Esports as a whole can head into the right direction by making tournaments not completely get watched because of the prize swimming pools By myself. The last half of the interview is Ceb sharing his insights on how quite a few games like LoL and CS:GO attitude the pro scene.

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