Gamer girl’s stack eliminated PSG.LGD in open qualifiers

By | February 18, 2020

Currently, TI runner-up, PSG. LGD publicizes their new carry Ahjit after they traded him with Ame to CDEC. Speedily after their practice, they pronounces that Ahjit will be benched and replaced by Li “ASD” Zhiwen for the Open Qualifiers.
Despite these Ameliorations, LGD still comes short for the Closed Qualifiers as they lost the Round of 4 against Blaze, 2-0.

In the Round of 16 against The New Top, LGD breezed through them with a last pick Clinkz on ASD, while Somnus performed Slark. LGD took over the map and recorded a 37-6 kill score after securing the middle racks. Before 22 minutes, The New Top calls gg after ASD ended at the top of the networths with 9k at 9/1/13, while Somnus Slark ruled with 17/1/8 to propel LGD to the Round of 8.

For the Round of 8, LGD confronted Darkish Knight where a further last pick Hurricane for ASD labored wonders for LGD. A roaming Fy Clockwerk kept LGD alive in farm and with his initiations on Darkish Knight’s cores with Hookshots. ASD controlled to record a game-high 11 kills while Fy completed with the optimum assists at 16 over the 23-7 kill score and 20-minute victory.

The only impediment standing between LGD and the Closed Qualifiers is a Bo3 against Blaze. Despite looking completely good in their first two games, LGD seemed to have experienced exhaust as they lost two games to none against Blaze who attribute the first female pro player, Axx.

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