DPC format may face radical Ameliorations: 3 Majors, Regional Leagues and more

By | February 8, 2020

Ever since the advent of the Dota Pro Circuit, the community has never stopped criticizing its system and teams have proven frustration in interviews on the intense scheduling and points distribution.
The good news is that Valve do listen, we are now in the third generation of Dota Pro Circuit and Valve have done a lot to optimize the system. Apart from that, VPGAME have heard that it’s extremely likely that we would see radical alterations to the DPC system in the subsequent season. Here is what we have:

1. We may have only 3 Majors subsequent season, Major slots will be finding out through regional leagues.

2. Apart from the league that can qualify teams to Majors, each vicinity may also have a secondary league.

3. Regional leagues might be performed online.

4. Teams still will be able to at ease their TI invite via DPC points, DPC points can be earned through Major and regional leagues.

Apart from, we’ve heard from our sources suggesting that Valve have the aim to meet up with teams in future tournaments to discuss and polish the aforementioned system. Although, the plan might be compromised due to the recent coronovirus outbreak. Even so, these modifications do indicate that Valve have the aid to optimize the whole Dota2 professional system. Will it work? We don’t know yet, but at least it’s an important step in the right direction.

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