Dota 2: Valve introduces Regional Leagues to exchange Minors

By | February 26, 2020

In a recent weblog put up via Valve, the organisation has declared that they will be replacing the existing match constitution with Regional Leagues. in keeping with the publish, the new equipment may be introduced after the end of The foreign 10, Dota 2’s most recognized annual adventure.

This begs an obvious query: what are regional leagues? A year of Dota 2 should be divided into three seasons, and each season will host six ‘regional leagues’. The prize pool of USD 280,000 may be disbursed per season.

These seasons will aid teams reach the Majors, where the most excellent teams always take part. each and every main will take place after the end of a season.

After the conclusion of all three seasons, the desirable 12 teams with most DPC features will take part in TI. Like every year, The foreign will mark the conclusion of a Dota 2 yr.

The adjustments within the every year match constitution have been made to inspire new and small teams to take huge steps within the competitive arena. in the existing structure it is extraordinarily problematic for more recent teams to get into the fundamental tournaments, let alone The foreign.

the brand new league device focuses on constructing a greater dynamic structure to inspire the early life within the expert scene of the online game.

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