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Dota Underlords assessment – Lord Over Me

The auto-battler revolution of 2019 noticed a flurry of undertaking from publishers as they tried to take knowledge of the latest craze: Dota 2 Auto Chess. A customized online game mod developed using Dota 2 itself, Auto Chess changed into a further product of the endless new release present in the customized map modding scene–Dota become born out… Read More »

Toy Tuesday: The most efficient DOTA Toys

Defense Of The Ancients began out as a mod for Warcraft III, became its own online game, and commenced an entire style of MOBAs. And, as a result of time is a flat circle, now DOTA Auto Chess, which begun out as a mod for DOTA II, is inspiring its own genre. DOTA Underlords drops this week, Valve’s… Read More »

Why you Should NOT buy the New Treasure.

Chapter 1: Nothing New. Now, for those of you who didn’t verify the treasure in-game since it’s not the weekend yet, a new treasure called “Treasure of the Undying Rite” was published the day before today and oh boy did the community begin spamming Reddit and other social medias about how fearful of it is. All the keeping… Read More »

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Buka Masa Early Acces

Kabar baru hadir dari game bertemakan horor The Coma , dengan kesuksesanya di perilisan pertamanya .Devespresson Games selaku developer telah mengumumkan sekuel barunya berjudul “The Coma 2: Vicious Sister” yang kini sudah di buka masa ‘Early Access’ nya via Steam. Di sekuel barunya , The Coma 2 akan mengangkat narasi adventure horor survival Korea yang berfokus pada satu… Read More »