Catch’s NEW roster debut tomorrow!

By | February 19, 2020

It’s the calm before the Typhoon, which in this case, is the upcoming major. But with over 3 weeks of nothingness for us DOTA2 Enthusiast, we have to thank the non-DPC organizers for keeping us occupied with their own tournaments.
And let’s just say it’s just as big as a minor in terms of prize pool while as interesting as ESL One tournaments due to the teams that are invited to play in it.

In addition to, Team Secret, Nigma, and Dendi’s B8, the one team that we should be looking forward is the former Major Kings, Despite the fact, Lately, has been infamously known as the poacher in CIS Area. If you didn’t know, picked up 2 gamers (3 supposedly) but in the System, not directly disrupted the other opponents in CIS Neighborhood. Starting off with Zayac, the player was kinds gambling for Navi, who had these days been gambling really well in the last major, securing top seed in its Teams. Though, Zayac left for This as a result of some shelling out between Navi and as Navi accused of poaching gamers through loopholes in player contracts. Many favorite figures have spoke of some words concerning this, for instance, former player, RAMZES666, even commented “you would be model if you didn’t accept the be offering to play for”, implying that it was a counseled of a better profession for any one who gets an be glad about from to play for them.

Anyhow, the other player who wasn’t too successful in trying to get into is gpk from Gambit Esports. Gambit Esports controlled to “protect” its player from leaving the team, probably had a better contract terms and Condominium. Besides the fact that, it still brought about chaos and mistrust among the Gambit Gamers, where gpk refuses to play for Gambit anymore. Thus, instead of letting him go, Gambit is not sensible to just bench him instead, so every day loses in this Change. Let’s not forget about epileptick1d, the hard carry who is replaced by Cooman. While spoke of that each epileptick1d and Save- will remain on the roster, it’s only a count of time before we know whether if they will be staying, which is most likely after the major, depending on’s performance.

Dramas Apart, one thing’s certain is that points a new roster entering the Los Angeles major. While they did do well enough to cozy a price tag to the major, it is still a delusion on how good can VICE CHAIRMAN hold up against the likes of tier-1 teams such as Team Secret, Ninjas in Pyjamas and of course, Nigma. But, we will be able to see first-hand how they go up against Lil’s stack, Competitive Mode Day after day. Stay tuned.
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