Aster’s owner has reached out to Sumail

By | January 21, 2020

It’s been a while since we saw the last LAN appearance from Sumail, one of the most advertise Dota2 Avid gamers.
Following TI9, the player moved to inactive on the EG roster after which he would move to Quincy Workforce for a very short period. Sumail helped Quincy Harmony qualify to the first Minor of the season but before the team entered the event and were signed by Chaos Esports Club, Sumail would depart and remain as an inactive member on EG.

According to our source, the reason why we haven’t viewed this player in any top-tier teams yet is that his contract is still under EG and any team who wants to make the improve in their mid-lane will have to pay an insane amount of buyout fee. Despite the fact, Sumail is free to start his own stack or connect an unsponsored team for fun, but if things are getting serious and he demands to play under other sponsors’ banner, EG would step in and make it impossible except the team will pay the buyout fee.

It seems that every little thing remains nothing but unsure for this super proficient player, that is, except yesterday.

In yesterday’s Natural world, Sumail spoke back a question from the chat:” where am I going? I’m moving to China”. To many Audience, it is nothing but one more trolling from our mid-lane king, but if you take it out and put it into an extra context. Things might look differently.

Xiaofei, the owner of Team Aster, once noted in Burning’s natural world that he would pay some thing for Sumail to become a member of Team Aster, and just a few days ago, he showed that he has reached out to Sumail but things didn’t go through.

Aster. Xiaofei: We reached out to Sumail, but things didn’t go through.

Aster. Xiaofei: Language barrier? Find Sumail a Chinese language girl and it’ll be solved.

As of now, neither Sumail nor Team Aster made any official with regard to this Count number. VPGAME will comply with up intently on this abilities roster change and keep all of our readers up-to-date if any worth-mentioning information is Accessible.

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