AME demoted to CDEC, Ahjit to PSG.LGD

By | February 8, 2020

Considered to be one of the most powerful teams in China, PSG.LGD’s unexpected early exit in CN open qualifiers of Leipzig Major had surprised Every day.
Despite the fact that later they claimed name of WESG China in a convincing fashion, they still struggled to face against top ceaselessly teams as they didn’t even get out of the group stage of One Esports Invitational.

Fanatic begin to worry whether there will be any roster transformations for PSG.LGD after all. Well, here it is, today PSG.LGD publicizes that their carry Wang “Ame” Chunyu will be demoted to CDEC, in the Interim, former carry of CDEC, Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son will be part of PSG.LGD.

”LGD Esports Club Dota 2 Department Roster Change Announcement

Following Avid gamers� will and personal Building, after enough inside verbal exchange of the club, LGD esports club DOTA2 Department have made the following brief adjustments:

1. AME, former position 1 player of PSG.LGD is now transferred to CDEC as position 1;

2. AhJit, former position 1 player of CDEC is now transferred to PSG.LGD as position 1.

As for the modifications this time, each the club and gamers hope to improve the at the moment situation of the teams, to work toward new breakthroughs, and to achieve better outcomes with the new Popularity. We hope each gamers can fully release their skill in the manufacturer new environment and bring LGD total a company new game-watching experience.”

It’s hard to say for sure what kind of chemistry will be brought to the two teams after switching their Incorporates, let’s all behold the following ESLOne LA Major open & closed qualifier in China and hope them for the Leading!

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